OJ DeJonge Middle School Technology

6th Grade Technology


Moodle is an online course management program that is hosted by the Mason, Lake, Oceana Intermediate School District. This course management system provides students with access to classroom resources, notes and links to educational websites. The students can also upload their completed assignments to the Moodle website. The students have individual accounts that require them to enter their username and password. The website is: http://moodle.mloisd.org/ 

The students usernames are: 6firstinitiallastname.ludington and their passwords are their school passwords.

Example: Jane Smith would have a username of 6jsmith.ludington

Parents can log in to the course page as guests by doing the following: 
  1. Under Course Categories - select Ludington
  2. Under Courses - select Computers 6
  3. In the Enrollment Key box type the enrollment key - ludington

You will then have guest access to the course page which allows you to see the assignments, resources and notes that are available to the students.

Sixth Grade Topics

The sixth grade technology class is a 12 week class. The following are projects and topics covered:

  • Mac OS X operating system
  • Online Ethics, Etiquette and Safety
  • Ludington Photo Project - digital photography, editing and slideshow creation
  • Internet research
  • Keynote presentations
  • Keyboarding

Ludington Photo Project

Todd Reed talking with students
Brad Reed sharing photo tips
The sixth grade students created photo slideshows of the Ludington community. This project teaches the students how to take digital photographs, upload them to a computer, edit the digital photographs, select and organize photos into a digital slideshow, adding music and publishing a final product. This project was sponsored by the Ludington Convention and Visitors Bureau. Thank you to Amy Seng from the visitors bureau for speaking to the students and putting together a great prize package for the students. Thank you to both Brad and Todd Reed for taking time to provide some advice on how to take good pictures.

Congratulations to Payton Stowe
Winner of Ludington Photo Slideshow Contest
1st Trimester

Congratulations to Austin Hansberger
Winner of Ludington Photo Slideshow Contest
2nd Trimester